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Flag Materials

NYLON - 100% Nylon flag material is a very popular material for outdoor use.  It is lightweight, very strong, has rich/vivid colors, and will fly in the slightest breeze.  It sheds water and has a quick-drying ability for rainy areas.  These flags are 200 Denier, UV Resistant SolarMax type Nylon.  Finished with canvas header and brass grommets, they are the best quality nylon flags available.  Made in the USA.

E-POLY - Economy Poly, is a lightweight polyester or a polyester/cotton blend. Has vibrant looking colors and excellent color retention.  These flags will fly in very light breezes and will dry quickly when they get wet.  Finished with a poly or canvas header and brass grommets.  Perfect for folks on a budget, or someone that wants a low cost flag.  E-Poly is typically imported, but some of the poly/cotton blends are Made in the USA, and are an excellent value.


POLYKNIT - Knitted Polyester, is a lightweight material that allows wind to pass thru it.  These flags usually do not last quite as long as nylon. This material has bright colors, very strong, excellent for wet and windy conditions, repels water, and dries very quickly. The flags are finished with canvas header and brass grommets.  Polyknit is typically imported, but some are Made in the USA .  It remains a long lasting durable flag at an exceptional price.


COTTON - 100% Cotton Bunting, is a traditional material that has been used for many years.  It has very good durability and vivid colors.  This flag material has a traditional texture and appearance.  Cotton material has long been used for pleated fans and historical applications.  The 5’x9.5’ cotton flag is the traditional burial/internment casket flag which is still popular today. This material is not recommended for wet weather conditions.  Made in the USA.


2-PLY POLYESTER - Also known as 2-Ply Spun Polyester, is the strongest, longest lasting flag material available. Developed for maximum durability in strong winds and unpredictable weather conditions.  These flags have beautiful colors, and excellent color retention.  This Material is an excellent choice for in ground flagpoles that fly the flag 24/7. The flag is heavier than nylon and needs a higher wind speed to fly it.  It will usually last longer than a nylon flag.  These flags are finished with tough polyester canvas header and brass grommets up to size 6’x10’.   Larger sizes have roped headers with galvanized metal thimbles. Made in the USA.