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Tree Frog Wind Spinner

Size: 20" x 15" in
Wheel Diameter: 7" in
Material: SunTex UV Resistant Fabric


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Wind Spinners are extremely fun to display and delightful to watch. They will provide hours of entertainment, and they will definitely grab your attention.  This is a very tasteful way to add moving color to your yard.  The spinners come with a fiberglass pole and a heavy duty plastic ground spike. The fiberglass pole can go in or out of the spike with ease. These spinners are very tough and are made of sturdy materials that can be displayed 24-7. The SunTex UV resistant fabric is polyester and it looks and feels like nylon.


To help care for your Wind Spinner, please follow these simple guidelines.

  • Make sure your wind spinner is free to rotate 360 degrees without obstructons.
  • Please bring your spinner inside during periods of high winds.
  • Do not leave your wind spinner outside during severe storms.