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Sentry Tapered Aluminum Flagpoles

$1,350.00 - $2,100.00
THESE FLAGPOLES CANNOT BE ORDERED ON THIS WEBSITE, the freight & delivery options vary to greatly. Please call 208-890-5246 for a freight quote or delivery option. Thank you.
Material: Seamless 6063-T6 Aluminum
Features: .156 Wall and Internal Halyard
Wind Rating: 110 MPH with 5' x 8' ft Flag
Finish: Polished Satin
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  • Description
  • Locking Door and Cam Cleat
  • Revolving Truck

The Concord Sentry tapered aluminum flagpoles are industrial strenght, excellent quality, and a superb value.  These poles have an internal rope and a cam cleat mechanism.  Access and unlock the door, grab the rope and lower or raise your flag. These flagpoles are considered theft proof.  The poles are much better that the cable and winch system poles which tend to bind and lock up. These poles also come standard with a revolving truck/pulley, that helps prevent the flag from wrapping on the pole.  They will last a lifetime.  Flash collars for these poles can also be purchased.  Made in the USA.

These flagpoles come with all of the components you need to fly a flag.

1. Steel ground sleeve with lightning rod

2. 6063-T6 aluminum, with .156 wall thickness - 1pc

3. Heavy duty cast  aluminum door and frame, with key lock.

4. Revolving Cast aluminum truck/pully assembly with aluminum sheave

5. Internal Braided nylon rope with external nickle plated zinc flag snaps

6. Beaded ring and counter weight included

7. Gold anodized spun aluminum ball top.

Please call 208-890-5246 for help or questions with installation.  Thank you.